5 trends to watch in pet care and products


The general pet care trend predicted this year is the accelerated humanization of the pet, according to the Online Pet Products Market. rover.com.

“There are definitely more chapters that still need to be written before this pandemic ends, but a subplot has already emerged: the love and appreciation for our pets has reached an all-time high,” Kate said. Jaffe, trendsetter at Rover. . “Increasingly, we rely on our pets to be our friends and provide us with emotional support. It’s a fair assumption that pet owners will return the favor in 2022, accelerating the pet industry to new heights.

Rover called on the expertise of its dog people sign identify five pet-specific trends and forecasts set to emerge in 2022.

1. Solutions for anxiety are skyrocketing

Spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to increased attachment anxiety and behavioral interests in dogs and cats. In fact, the demand for training and anxiety solutions is “10 times higher” than pre-pandemic levels, according to Rover Dog People panelist and certified professional dog trainer Nicole Ellis.

As we enter a third year of the pandemic, retailers can expect to see a huge increase in sales of soothing products and solutions such as soothing treats, lick mats and more.

2. Pet Parents Go Green

With a growing focus on climate change, 2022 will see more sustainable and eco-friendly pet products come to market as pet parents learn more about carbon footprints. of their pets.

Expect more mindfulness, a ‘how can I cut back’ mentality and environmentally friendly products – including sustainable protein sources for pets, packaging and cat litter – to become a priority for pet parents.

3. Take nutrition to the next level

Two main factors will drive improved pet food nutrition in 2022, Rover says: the aforementioned increasingly climate-conscious culture and the growing sense that pets deserve a healthy, balanced diet that matches their needs. needs.

Consumers will increasingly seek alternative sources of protein with more nutritional benefits and less environmental impact. Wellness trends will carry over to pet care, with more options for digestive and immune support, and an increase in “human grade” fresh pet food options.

4. The Pet Tech Boom

A growing market capitalization of the pet industry means that more money and innovation will provide pet owners with more technological solutions than ever before.

Dog-enabled video calls, virtual vet visits, smart feeders and collars, microchip-enabled devices and even online services — like a virtual weight loss clinic for pets — are already a reality. Expect these new technologies to double as pet owners search for technologies that provide convenience, safety, and health monitoring solutions in the years to come.

5. The humanization of pets continues

The growing recognition that “pets are people too” continues to grow stronger with human comforts and needs – from organic bedding and meal delivery services, to telehealth and insurance – moving to our pets.

“If you ask most parents, they’ll tell you that their top priority is to provide their children with a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, and they’ll do just about anything in their power to make that happen. . I really think we’re getting close to the point where the same can be said for pet parents,” Jaffe said.


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