A Darien convenience store with local products? The zoning board is considering a special permit.


DARIEN – A new kind of neighborhood convenience store could be coming to Darien.

The owners behind Moots, a “new breed” of convenience store that would offer healthier convenience store items and a coffee bar, are currently applying for a special permit from the Planning and Zoning Commission. If the commission approves the request, the store would open in a ground-floor space at 1897 Boston Post Road in Noroton.

Operated by Altitude LLC, the new convenience store would serve local produce with a “healthy twist,” attorney Robert Maslan said during a May commission hearing.

The Darien location would also be the first in a proposed chain of convenience stores selling products that are part of a “better for you” trend in food, beverage and personal care, according to the company’s request.

“It’s the type of business they can’t really point to any other right now in Connecticut,” said Jeremy Ginsberg, Darien’s zoning manager.

The store would occupy approximately 2,125 square feet of a newly redeveloped building that has five residential units and retail on the ground floor. Another retailer, Darien Kitchen and Bath, is located next door. The entire building has 24 parking spaces, seven of which are reserved for residents.

Most of the store would be dedicated to convenience store items, selling around 500 products including snacks, packaged meals, ice cream and personal care products.

Another part would include a coffee bar, selling imported and specialty coffees and prepackaged baked goods. Customers can also sit in a small seating area in the store.

Moots would employ three to four workers and would be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Maslan said.

Some commission members drew comparisons to the Rowayton Market in Norwalk as a similar type of business.

The store requires special permit approval from the commission as it would sell prepared foods. In recent hearings, the commission appeared ready to approve the store.

“It might be cool to have a convenience store and a cafe there,” said Stephen Olvany, chairman of the zoning commission.


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