Anthony & Sons Bakery innovates with avocado in artisan bread


Bakeries can make great strides in today’s marketplace with innovative new products that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, who are far more global than ever in their flavor preferences.

Anthony & Sons Bakery is reporting very positive results from its new Avocado Seven Grain Bread, which is made with guacamole spices.

“I want to see what the trends are, and we looked at avocado, which is such a big category now. It’s up 5-10% year over year,” said Ben Rizzitello, vice president of sales/marketing at Anthony & Sons. “We’ve gotten so much attention from such a unique and trendy product. Chefs have been calling us because they want to put our product on the menu. It’s such an exciting time for us.

The company’s R&D team worked diligently on this unique formula, becoming first to market with one of the trendiest categories in the industry.

Anthony & Sons is also thrilled to offer a trendy, healthy, clean label, vegan, grain-packed, flavor-packed item with a ton of benefits. A mighty loaf of bread makes a delicious sandwich, perfect on its own, grilled for breakfast, or great with veggies and guacamole for dipping as a snack or appetizer.

The thaw-and-sell product comes in a 24-ounce loaf format, designed for easy use in foodservice or retail. Loaded with seven grains such as sunflower, oats, etc., not only are there grains in the inner crumb, but they also coated the bread with a seven-grain outer crust. The added spice gives a kick of guacamole flavor mixed with fresh avocado.

Anthony & Sons has proven to be the innovation leader and transformed the baking industry with its EZ Freezer to Oven range. The company is now one of the largest suppliers of breads and rolls nationwide, with a fully automated 65,000 square food production facility.

“We focus on unique on-trend flavors, and we’ve also incorporated siracha into our brioche bread. He got so much attention. It’s really exciting for us.


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