Can you buy your summer vacation wardrobe from the supermarket?



When it comes to stylish shopping destinations, you’d be forgiven for not immediately thinking about your local supermarket. More hamburger buns than Bottega pouches, they’re a far cry from the luxury boutiques and designer stores more commonly associated with chic fashion patches.

However, supermarket clothing has surged in recent years with own-label offerings from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA giving Main Street a run for its money. Add to that the convenience factor (what could be more convenient than having dinner and a dress in one cart dashboard?)

This summer, supermarkets have developed solar collections suitable for holidays in the country or abroad; think flattering swimsuits, flowing midday and pretty blouses to pair with skirts and shorts.

However, before you delve deeper, there are a few ground rules to consider to make sure your shopping looks luxurious.

Go for natural fabrics like cotton and linen whenever possible – not only are they breathable in the heat, they look a lot more expensive than synthetics and last longer. Avoid fussy adornments and clothes that are hard to get on a budget. Instead, opt for high-end pieces with minimal detail.

When choosing prints, stick to classic designs such as gingham, polka dots, and animal prints that are not dated. And finally, beware of faux leathers on shoes and bags which used to look plastic. A safer bet is to go for canvas, straw, rope or fabric.

With the above in mind, here are this season’s supermarket sartorial treasures that are worth adding to your suitcase.

The swimsuit



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