Convenience store employee assaulted after telling customer to wear mask


Four teenagers have been arrested after allegedly attacking a convenience store clerk who allegedly told customers to wear face masks before entering the store over the weekend. CCTV footage from the store in the central province of Ratchaburi shows a group of teenagers gathering around the 19-year-old employee before attacking, punching and kicking him until he falls to the ground.

The employee told Thai media that one of the teenagers entered the store without a face mask and appeared drunk. Just like he does with other customers, the employee said he politely advised the teenager to put on a face mask. The teenager allegedly screamed and swore before punching the clerk in the face. The employee said he fought back to protect himself, but other teenagers came in and attacked him. A woman, who appeared to know the teenagers, stopped the attack and brought the victim inside the store.

Officers tracked each teenager from CCTV footage and found they lived near the gas station where the incident happened. They were charged with assaulting others and causing serious injury. Officers are awaiting the results of a medical examination before laying further charges.

SOURCE: Thairath | Khaosod


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