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The founders of the Planteria Group, Brian and Phil Anderson (far left and far right) with their respective sons, Darrell and Matt Anderson (center), founders and co-CEOs of foli8

Planteria Group, one of the UK’s leading experts in corporate planting for over 45 years, has announced its business expansion with the launch of its consumer business, leaf8, a new online shopping destination that offers houseplants to create living interiors. foli8 is the first UK platform to sell houseplants straight from 100% compostable, natural coir pots.

Each year the UK horticultural industry consumes half a billion plastic pots; some can be recycled, however, many end up in landfill or are incinerated1. foli8 is launched to help reduce plastic jar waste in industry and lead the industry to become more sustainable.

Officially launched in May, foli8 will feature over 80 houseplants, along with overnight delivery options and fanatic customer service. The e-commerce platform begins with an established team of 15 employees, which includes plant designers, biophilic design experts, and plant care and maintenance technicians. Foli8 customers will benefit from the same premium experience as its parent company, Planteria Group, which has worked with prestigious companies for more than four decades. From The Savoy Hotel and The Landmark London, to one of Knightsbridge’s most famous department stores, to name a few.

The independent family business, Planteria Group, with 75 employees, was founded by brothers Brian and Phill Anderson in 1977. Following the boom in indoor plants sold online, foli8 is a pandemic company that will help meet the demand which is led by co-CEOs, Matt and Darrell Anderson (sons of the founders of the Planteria Group).

New research commissioned by foli8 currently reveals that 77% of UK households own a houseplant. Each household has an average of eight plants, which equates to 5.8 million houseplants in UK homes. It is estimated that Britain will spend at least £ 4.6bn on houseplants each year, with each household spending £ 80 per year just on houseplants. The main reason UK consumers buy houseplants is to beautify or improve their interior (51%).

Foli8’s extensive plant collection was crafted for a lively design, empowering Brits to transform their homes and bring their customers closer to nature as 78% of Brits put sustainability at the forefront of their purchasing decisions. The mission of foli8 is to provide plant products that are 100% compostable and 100% carbon neutral.

Matt Anderson, Co-CEO, comments: “We are delighted to launch our consumer platform, foli8, in response to the increase in the number of UK consumers ordering houseplants online as a result of the pandemic. Being the first online business to sell houseplants straight from our signature coir pots is something we are extremely proud of and hope that together with our customers we can create a greener future.

Starting at £ 9.50, foli8 offers houseplants for every room and lifestyle. From floor plants to hanging plants, from flowering plants to textured varieties. foli8 offers houseplants to suit the needs and experience levels of all customers, including its selection of must-haves for beginners. For more information visit


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