I had breakfast at the fanciest supermarket cafe ever – with barista coffee, halloumi and shakshuka on the menu


Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried every supermarket coffee there are notably Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, M&S and Asda, but one in particular has come out. Not the Asda Coffeewhich was the cheapest, nor the M&S and Waitrose cafes, which were too fancy for fried foods.

No, there was a supermarket cafe which completely transcended the attempts of all other cafes. His menu was full of choices you’d more likely find in an independent cafe in the Jewelers’ quarter Where Digbeth .

This supermarket cafe favored barista-made coffee and fine menu choices over machines and takeaways. The menu even included shakshuka, an African breakfast dish consisting of poached eggs in a bed of tomatoes, oil, peppers, onions and garlic with sourdough for dipping.

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So which supermarket cafe made so much noise? Surprisingly, Tesco.

I headed over to Tesco, not expecting much. My general knowledge of supermarket cafes was that they are there for two reasons – cooked food after groceries, and just another way for the supermarket to earn more money.

Obviously I had never eaten in a Tesco cafe before. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still there as an extra pocket of profit, but the food was nothing like the grab and go I expected.

Right away, the menu shocked me. I expected a few variations on an English breakfast. Maybe the option of a bacon bap.

The Tesco menu was impressive, even with reduced service

Tesco cafe atmosphere

What I was faced with was halloumi, avocado, the previously mentioned shakshuka and chorizo ​​eggs, which I chose. I also grabbed a latte from the counter, which was served to me before I reached the front of the queue to save time by a lovely smiling lady, and sat down.

The cafe was so busy that I had to take the last table available. To my left, a corner invited people to throw in their pay carts while they sat and enjoyed their food.

The people inside were a mix of families, workers and even friends who had obviously specifically arranged to meet at this Tesco cafe, just like you would at a cafe in town. I was fascinated.

My food took a while to arrive, but I sat and sipped my latte, watching the young boy on a day out with his grandfather beside me, and the trio of older women joking about how they were “fashionable” to “brunch” sitting on the other side.

I didn’t mind the wait so much, if it’s the exchange for better quality food. Although it would be a problem if you just grab and go.

Tesco cafe food

My chorizo ​​eggs arrived and the presentation was so aesthetic that my breakfast looked like it was straight out of an Instagram post. The chorizo ​​was cut into small pieces and sprinkled over fried eggs and mashed avocado on sourdough toast.

Between these components were wild arugula, chili flakes and lime juice. The whole breakfast came to £8 overall.

The egg yolk spilled over the white on the sourdough toast as soon as I stuck a knife in, and there was enough cut chorizo ​​that I got just a tiny bit. with every bite. The smashed avocado was perfectly seasoned with lime juice, chili flakes, salt and pepper and the sourdough was the perfect crispy base.

I really couldn’t fault the breakfast, and I certainly couldn’t believe I was sitting in a Tesco supermarket. Gone is the snobbery about supermarket coffees, this was one of the best coffee breakfasts I have ever had, supermarket or otherwise.

So much care had gone into the menu options, food preparation and arrangement of every component on my plate, I was in heaven. Maybe £8 is a little pricey for a supermarket breakfast, but honestly I think it was worth it.

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