“I’m going to kill you!” Japanese schoolgirl says when convenience store won’t let her use toilet


Japanese police say the call of the wild was no excuse for the threat of violence.

Around midnight on April 11, a grocery store city ​​manager of Nakama, Fukuoka Prefecture said what appeared to be a motorcycle gang had gathered outside his store. One after another they entered the store to use the bathroom, and apparently the manager came to the conclusion that they were only there to make a pit stop, with no interest in the shopping.

Not wanting to turn his store into a biker lounge for the rest of the night, the manager decided to no longer offer the use of the restrooms and locked the door. However, 16-year-old high school girl who was with the band didn’t like her decision. When she found the bathroom door locked around 12:30 p.m., she became furious with the manager, shouting “Hurry up and let me in the fucking bathroom!” and “I’m going to kill you!”

Instead of looking for the bathroom key, the manager picked up the phone and called the police. By the time officers were there, the girl and her companions were gone, but the tow truckers have security cameras. Usually they’re there to warn shoplifters and thieves, but they’re just as useful for recording evidence against people who are screaming death threats, and investigators were able to use the recorded video to identify the girl, who was arrested for attempted forced coercion on April 18, a week after the incident. “There are no mistakes” she said of the charges.

Additionally, the store’s restroom was damaged at the time of the girl’s explosion, and police are investigating whether or not it was an act of intentional vandalism.

The incident is a reminder that while many convenience stores in Japan have bathrooms for customer use, such access is granted on a voluntary basis. It’s not uncommon for stores in bar districts or other areas where an excessive number of people walk around with full bladders to reserve their toilets for employees only, and if a store allows you to use theirs, the Good manners dictate that you should buy something, even if it’s just a bottle of water or a packet of chewing gum. Oh, and it also serves as a reminder that saying you’re going to kill someone on camera is never a good idea.

The exact legal punishment the girl faces remains unclear, but either way, it probably won’t help the cause of this other city in Japan that wants to turn its convenience store toilets into public facilities.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News/FBS Fukuoka Hoso via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso (edited by SoraNews24)
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