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Retail software publisher Cegid today announced that French premium tea brand Kusmi Tea has tripled its online sales on its e-commerce site during the lockdown and has taken advantage of this period to accelerate plans to introduce more omnichannel and digital services across Europe.

Kusmi Tea detailed the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic after the temporary closure of more than a hundred of its stores in France and Europe during the lockdown. The luxury tea house, which dates back to 1867, said it was able to survive the storm in large part thanks to the establishment of e-commerce technology and omnichannel services that helped it keep going. to operate during a very difficult time. Customers could purchase teas online while stores remained closed and could now choose from a variety of shopping options.

Bruno Contrepoids, IT director of Kusmi Tea, said the brand was able to take advantage of the lockdown period to accelerate its digital and omnichannel plans to strengthen customer service:

“Both our staff and our customers have always built good relationships. By offering a wider range of shopping options, such as Click-and-Collect, things are getting better for everyone.

Kusmi Tea tripled its online sales during the lockdown after launching a new e-commerce platform in 2020. This turned out to be perfect timing, given that customers were able to continue ordering online. line from its wide range of specially selected teas.

“Traffic and growth have tripled,” said the IOC. “We are fortunate to be firmly anchored in France, which has made logistics a lot easier. Our platform was running at full speed and we were able to deliver to our customers on time.

“We were concerned that some customers would be reluctant to return to physical stores and we saw this new service as a bridge between customers and stores and allowing us to re-connect them.

“There are many ways to maintain contact between stores and customers in omnichannel retail. E-commerce and the physical store no longer live in separate worlds. Online retailing, for us, is an added benefit to retailing that helps drive traffic to the store. We sell products that must be seen, tasted and experienced. On a digital platform, it is impossible to have all the sensations that one can experience in a store, so each one complements each other perfectly, ”adds Contrepoids.

Kusmi Tea relies on the Cegid Retail unified commerce solution – connected to its e-commerce platform – to know stocks and sales in real time and have a detailed view of its customers. Knowing how, where and what customers are consuming is essential, he said:

“Having the right tools communicating with each other is essential and it all has to happen in real time. There’s no point in having a Click-and-Collect service if the inventory isn’t accurate and updates aren’t in real time – you’ll end up disappointing your customers.

Kusmi Tea then sets out to rethink the role and organization of its stores and how digital technologies could transform checkout, including introducing mobile devices to help staff serve customers faster and more efficiently.

“Just like brewing the perfect cup of tea, Kusmi Tea finds additional refreshment in being able to offer a wider range of customer service. We are delighted to support Kusmi Tea in providing new digital services that customers appreciate more and more, ”concluded Nathalie Echinard, Director of Cegid’s retail business unit.

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