Largest Hispanic supermarket chain in 3 US states will have crypto ATMs


The popularity of digital assets continues to rise even after the market recently experienced high volatility with the emergence of crypto ATMs. Crypto ATMs are a place where people can buy and sell their crypto assets.

Cardenas Markets, the largest Hispanic supermarket chain in the United States, will soon be implementing these machines.

Provider of Bitcoin ATMs and digital currency machines, Coin Cloud has collaborated with Cardenas Markets to offer users the ability to buy and sell over 50 digital assets, including flagship currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, using cash. .

According to the statement, Cardenas Markets aims to cover all of its locations in California, Arizona and Nevada and install Bitcoin ATMs.

Coin Cloud Managing Director Chris McAlary said Forts informed that for testing and debugging, the first of these devices will be installed in Cardenas Markets in Las Vegas.

Many digital assets in these ATMs

These ATMs will accept digital assets including Algorand, Cardano, Nano, SushiSwap, Dogecoin ApeCoin, Matic, OMG Network, Shiba Inu, and Bitcoin.

In the United States, the number of new Bitcoin ATMs is increasing every day. The number has increased more than sixfold in the past two years, bringing its number to 32,000 machines nationwide, according to data from Coin ATM Radar.

The largest convenience store chain in the world, Circle K started adding Bitcoin ATMs in 2020 from Bitcoin Depot to its outlets. The company currently has more than 700 machines in 30 states.

Prabach Coswatte, CEO of the supermarket company, informed that they were very happy to provide

cryptocurrency capabilities to their customers through Coin Cloud’s DCM network.

The CEO further stated that they continue to deliver on their promise to meet the growing demands of our consumers, especially in today’s digital world through its unique solutions.

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More and more people are adopting cryptocurrency in the United States

Cryptocurrency adoption is seen more among Hispanic adults in the United States than the general population, a recent study reveals.

Additionally, the survey suggests that Hispanic Americans use digital assets quite frequently as a method of payment. On the contrary, the majority of Americans view digital currencies as investments or savings vehicles.

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