No hygiene rating: supermarket visited 4 times by inspectors, while mouse droppings were found in a local store


In the latest round of food hygiene inspections, five other premises in Blackburn with Darwen did not receive any stars from the Food Standards Agency.

  • ABC Foods, 14-16 King Street Blackburn, BB2 2DH, last inspected August 19, 2021
  • Aftabs, 1 Leach Street Blackburn, BB2 3SE, last inspection 28 August 2021
  • Antalya Turkish Cuisine, 1 Hurstwood Avenue Blackburn, BB2 4TH, last inspection September 13, 2021
  • Fry Days, 50 New Chapel Street Blackburn, BB2 4DT, last inspection August 27, 2021
  • Mohammed & Sons, 35-37 Pringle Street Blackburn, BB1 1SD, last inspection September 1, 2021

After submitting an Access to Information (FOI) request to Blackburn with Darwen’s council, we were successful in obtaining the inspection reports for all five sites and can now reveal exactly why these establishments received ratings if bass.

Today we will be dealing with ABC Foods and Aftabs.

ABC Foods is a Polish convenience store / supermarket and has been visited by hygiene inspectors four times in less than two months.

FOI revealed that the store, located on King Street in Blackburn, was given a zero food hygiene rating on August 19 by the Food Standards Agency after failing to keep records of staff training , food safety documents or temperature records.

A second visit took place on September 29 where advice was given to staff, who responded by assuring inspectors that temperatures were being taken and staff were being trained.

Another visit took place on October 4, where it was discovered that a new owner had taken over the store, with inspectors telling staff to undergo training and complete a new food record.

A fourth visit was then carried out two days later, where the owners were advised when a formal re-inspection could take place.

Overall, ABC Foods has been asked to have written food procedures in place to show that the foods they sell are safe.

The inspection report said, “They should monitor and keep records of refrigerator temperatures for cooked and raw meat refrigerators and dairy, cheese, milk and yoghurt refrigerators as soon as possible.

“Staff also need to be trained in food hygiene to make sure they can do their jobs safely. This should be done within two weeks. ”

A second convenience store, Aftabs, on Leach Street in Blackburn was inspected on August 28 and given a zero food hygiene rating.

Lancashire Telegraph: Aftabs in Blackburn

In their report, the inspectors noted how old mouse droppings were found on the premises, how roof repairs were to be carried out, how no allergen training had been carried out, and how items placed in the rooms. stairs had created a fire hazard.

They ordered homeowners to take free allergen training on the Food Standards Agency website, engage in competent pest control, move stock from the area where roof repairs were being carried out, and remove and dispose of any stock causing hazards and fire hazards.

During a visit on September 21, inspectors said, “The owner was adamant the droppings were the ends of metal product racks that contained glue. I did not see any droppings during this visit.”

The owner has been advised to keep training records on site at all times and has been advised of the steps to take to request a re-inspection.

In both cases, no further action has been taken against the stores and they will be re-inspected in due course.

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