Plans for the new Lancing convenience store


One Stop wants to open a new convenience store in this disused Lancing unit (Photo from Google Maps Street View)

The unit at 135-137 South Street was previously a car showroom, but may soon house a one-stop shop.

The plans for the unit were revealed in an application for a premises license that will be discussed at a meeting of the Adur District Council licensing committee on Thursday, August 12.

The license would allow the new store to operate and sell alcohol from 7 a.m. to midnight.

According to demand, a “significant investment” would see the unit redeveloped into a brand new store selling fresh and frozen food, toiletries, housewares, magazines and newspapers.

Customers could also pay their bills and pick up and send packages from the store.

Sussex Police have demanded that the venue put measures in place to prevent public nuisance in the area and ensure that alcohol is not sold to those under the age of 18.

The store has accepted these conditions which include the installation and monitoring of “high specification” video surveillance and the application of a “Challenge 25” policy.

The new owners say an alcohol license would “have a limited impact on the region” as alcohol is only expected to account for 15% of sales and should be purchased with other products.

Eight members of the public opposed the request, citing parking issues and road noise which they said could increase due to the extended hours.

An objection letter reads: “Being allowed to stay open until midnight is out of order.

stay with other similar stores in the area (e.g. Premier and Mulberrys), and

could lead to increased noise, waste and anti-social behavior.

“My other main concern (although this may be a planning consideration rather than a license application) is the current parking issues on South Street. There is only one parking area which can accommodate three vehicles.

“Our driveway (ie residents of Chelmer House) is on the side on East Street and has had issues with vehicle parking on the other side blocking our access and exit in the past.

“I am concerned that customers park here more frequently, when parking is not readily available, which causes us inconvenience.”

Council officials said that although these were “serious matters” they could not be considered by the licensing committee.


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