Plans to build a “national convenience store” where Kings Arms was located in Shaw



PLANS are in the works to build a convenience store on the site of an old pub in Shaw whose operator name has not yet been revealed.

A town planning application was submitted to City Council to build a store at the Kings Arms site on Oldham Road before it was demolished in 2011.

The proposals were submitted by the applicant Warrior Developments Limited.

The planning agent said the identity of the retail chain could not be disclosed at this time.

A planning document states: “The current proposals involve the complete redevelopment of this important vacant site to provide a convenience food store occupied by a national operator with parking, service areas / bins and other associated works.

“The customer car park will be set up to the south of the proposed building and will accommodate a total of 15 spaces, including two spaces for the disabled.

Two Sheffield style bike racks will be provided in the area in front of the guest entrance.

“Vehicle access will be direct from Oldham Road via the access point that historically served the former public house use, which will be upgraded to facilitate the proposed redevelopment of the site. ”

The site includes a portion of cleared land formed by the survey area which ensured the parking of cars associated with the old public house and the concrete slab of the ground floor of the building that was there.

The plans state: “The proposals also represent a significant capital investment in the region and will generate a number of additional employment opportunities for the local population in the operational and construction phases.

“It has been clearly demonstrated that the current application proposals will ensure the complete redevelopment of this important vacant site with high quality commercial development that respects the character of the surrounding built form in terms of scale, mass, layout and use of a range of materials.

“The proposed development will therefore have a significant positive impact on the character, appearance and environmental quality of the area.

“Furthermore, the application proposals will not significantly affect the approval of neighboring occupants. ”



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