Play Together Teams Up With 7-ELEVEN Korea To Bring Convenience Store IRL Goodies To The Metaverse


HAEGIN Co., Ltd. announced a fun new collaboration update to Play Together, its social mobile game that invites players to dive into the metaverse in colorful ways. In particular, the v1.32.0 update adds a convenience store 7-ELEVEN Korea (Korea Seven Co., LTD) in the metaverse, allowing players to experience the store in an entirely new way on mobile.

In the latest collaboration event for Play Together, players can enjoy the Metaverse Convenience Store in the Plaza on the Island of Kaia as well as grab real-world items from the virtual store. Products sold IRL in Korean stores will be featured in-game; Additionally, a special event will offer an exclusive costume to all players visiting the store for the first time.

Other 7-ELEVEN Korea services can also be experienced in the game, including kiosk, package delivery services, interactive floor, and more. To top it off, “VENY” and “BARBARA” — 7-ELEVEN Korea’s mascots — will also join the fray. Players visiting the store for the very first time can receive special in-game costumes designed after these mascots. There will also be other franchise expansions as the game unfolds in the coming weeks, which includes delivery missions and card games.

Finally, the latest update adds a new quest where players can earn Heart Coins from clearing missions. These can be redeemed for Valentine’s Day event rewards. If you can’t wait to join in all the festivities, you can download the game from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free game with in-app purchases. You can also join the community of followers on Facebook to stay informed of all the latest developments.

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