Praise for Jack Monroe as supermarket doubles down on access to low-cost goods


Asda has confirmed it will nearly double the number of stores with its lowest price range to help tackle the cost of living crisis.

The supermarket said that of the 200 lines that make up its Smart Price and Farm Stores products, 150 are available in 300 stores across the country.

But from March 1, bosses will roll out the 200 lines to the 581 stores as the cost of products rise due to rising transport costs and rising wages and energy bills.

The problem was highlighted by poverty campaigner Jack Monroe, who forced the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to change the way it presents inflation data to reflect the impact on different products.


She complained that the cost of basic necessities was rising more than official inflation rates.

Ms Monroe also said several items from the Smart Price range were no longer available online.

Meg Farren, Chief Customer Officer of Asda, said: “We want to help our customers’ budgets stretch further and have taken on board feedback on the availability of our Smart Price range from Jack Monroe.

“We are taking steps to bring our full ranges of smart pricing and on-farm stores in-store and online to make these products as accessible as possible.”

The supermarket also added 100 Smart Price and Farm Stores products to its website this week, bringing the total online range to 187 products, and that will increase to 200 by the end of February.

She tweeted: “Well it went pretty well.”


People raved about Jack after Asda announced the new changes.










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