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The Platinum Jubilee saw retailers across the UK celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne with stores adorned with an abundance of Union Jack bunting and all manner of red, white and blue merchandise on sale. But some retailers have gone the extra mile to engage with their communities, throwing fun days and parties to bring people together.

Jubilee_BB Nevison 2

BB Nevison in Pontefract, Wakefield, welcomed around 500 people to Jubilee celebrations held outside the shop. The Liquorice Singers Choir delighted the crowd with top tunes including God Save The Queen, while Coca-Cola, Lucozade, Grenade and Halewood provided raffle prizes and refreshments on the day. There was free food for everyone and Lenny the Lion was there too, as well as a makeup artist. The community couldn’t have been happier. “They loved it, from the elderly to the little ones, everyone really enjoyed it,” said store owner Bobby Singh, who organized the event with the help of his staff. “The Pontefract community is very proud of our event. It’s the whole BB team – it’s when they put it all together, not just me. They all go the extra mile and it comes from the heart.

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He claims sales skyrocketed on the day of the party. “Our sales doubled that day compared to normal,” Bobby said. “But for us, this occasion was about the community – our priority was for everyone to celebrate together and make memories. That, for me, is one of the best parts of my job. When the whole community was there , everyone was singing and getting into the buzz.

Jubilee Scene_Connolly Spar

In Wiltshire, the Connolly Spar crew were partying in the parking lot of their Pennings Road store where a singer performed on a stage that had been built by a local workman. “The weather was great with us and the kids were dancing all afternoon,” said Paula Lovell, performance delivery manager.

“We got the idea when we found out the council wasn’t doing anything in early February,” she explained. “It took weeks and weeks of planning. Some vendors were very nice to us and gave us free stock – [wholesaler] CTC provided lots of sweets and cookies and Lucozade provided Lucozade and Ribena.

Jubilee_Connolly Spar Queens

Prior to the event, the group held a children’s coloring contest and on the day there was a contest for the best dressed king and queen, as well as a raffle. The children received balloons, goodie bags and candy, and there was even a throne for them to pose on. The local Castledown radio station played music and the store offered burgers, hot dogs and ice cream. “I was very worried no one would show up, but it was a fabulous day and the staff also volunteered their time to help out,” Paula said. “Ellen, the store manager, danced all day with the kids.

“We had incredible feedback from everyone. It will be something that the community will remember for a long time. »

Jubilee_Sukhi Sid Castle of St John

Meanwhile, Avtar ‘Sid’ Sidhu, from St John’s Budgens, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, hosted an event with St John’s Primary School as part of a new Friend’s of St John’s partnership he has set up . “Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest we raised £3,500 for charity,” he said. “It was a free event with great cars, a local fire truck, 25-30 booths and we paid for a bouncy castle.” There were also two live bands, a DJ and dance performances.

More than 1,000 people came to celebrate. “With the rain you couldn’t have a picnic, but there was so much going on in the day and luckily everyone had gazebos and blankets,” Sid said. “It was an amazing day.”

He is already busy planning his next community initiative which will involve a float at the local carnival.

In Walsall, the warm-hearted Harjit Singh and his son Amrit, owners of H&Jodie’s Nisa Local, threw a big street party attended by 1,500 locals. The event received support from a number of brands and included music, activities and food and drink. “We decided to do everything possible to celebrate the Jubilee and invited the whole community to join us,” Amrit said.

The store has also supported a number of local groups by funding their own Jubilee celebrations, following nominations for Making a Difference Locally’s Heart of the Community Awards initiative. 22 local causes received funding totaling £11,000, including Sewa Kitchen in Walsall, which used the funding for several celebrations in the local community.

Amrit said: “We were thrilled to receive funds for so many local community groups through MADL. 22 local causes were supported to help fund their parties, thousands of people had fun, got into the spirit and loved their local store for making it all possible! »

Shop owner H (centre left) with the local MP (far left), Lord Mayor (centre) and Kate Carroll, manager of Nisa's MADL charity (centre right)


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