Tesco profits will hit £2.6bn as 1,600 supermarket chain jobs are at risk


Tesco has announced changes to night shift roles at a number of supermarkets and petrol stations which will put more than 1,400 workers at risk of redundancy.

It comes as Tesco said it had defied rising inflation and supply chain issues to ensure customers have a great Christmas, which is reflected in the surge in sales.

Sales were well up on the pre-pandemic period and slightly up on a year ago when there was panic buying and a lockdown that saw Christmas effectively canceled for many.

However, the retailer confirmed on Monday that it plans to close its branch of Jack’s discount supermarkets, with seven stores closing permanently and the remaining six becoming Tesco stores.

He said the combined changes would put around 1,600 workers at risk.

On Tuesday, the supermarket giant said the vast majority of those layoffs would result from changes to night staffing structures at many stores.

The retailer will remove overnight stocking at 36 department stores, 49 convenience stores and also convert 36 gas stations to pay-at-the-pump-only overnight.

Tesco said it made the changes after moving the stacking of shelves from overnight to daytime in some stores.

On Monday, Tesco also revealed it was closing meat, fish and deli counters in 317 stores.

It is understood that this decision will also affect hundreds of store employees.

Tesco stressed that these employees will all be offered alternative jobs and did not include them in the 1,600 figure.

Fast-paced market

Jason Tarry, Managing Director of Tesco UK and Republic of Ireland, said: “We operate in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, and our customers are buying differently, particularly since the start of the pandemic.

“We are always looking to run our business in the simplest and most efficient way possible, so that we can reinvest in the things that matter most to customers.

“The changes we are announcing today will help us do that.

“Our priority now is to support our colleagues affected by these changes and, where possible, to find them alternative roles within our company. »

Tesco said it was aiming to redeploy all affected staff and highlighted 3,000 vacancies across its operations.

The restructuring moves come despite the company telling shareholders last month that it expects to post record profits of more than £2.6billion for the current financial year.

Tesco is among the food retailers that have thrived during the pandemic as customers have spent more time at home.


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